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"I want to thank you for making my golden years a much safer and joyful time. The quality and diversity of your loving care is much appreciated. Your great organization has touched so many people, probably more than you could realize, and I pray that you continue to receive the grace that you certainly deserve."

"I read an article by a centenarian who attributed his longevity in part to having a sense of community. That's what At Home on the Sound provides for me. I encourage you to become part of this amazing grassroots organization that helps seniors age in place gracefully!"

"Since joining At Home on the Sound I've honed my chess skills, learned to knit, and acted in a theatre workshop led by a professional actress."

"Probably my favorite part of belonging to At Home on the Sound is all the interesting, fun, new people I've met."

"Whether you need info on Social Security and Medicare or a reliable plumber to unclog your bathroom sink, you can just call the office. Someone is always available to help."

"When I overheard two women†in a Larchmont coffee shop†talking about†what a difference At Home on the Sound membership had made in their lives, I knew I wanted to volunteer for your organization."

"Whether it be shoveling a memberís walk to make sure she gets to physical therapy, carrying groceries right to the door, sitting with a member in the waiting room for three hours, driving three times in one day, acting as a health advocate and escorting a member to a doctor in Manhattan to review all the details of her upcoming surgery, our volunteers treat our members like family Ė minus the arguments!"

"At Home on the Sound is a program that will enhance and enrich our community."

"At Home on the Sound is a wonderful community resource and connection. It is an idea whose time has come!"

"What better way to maintain the dignity and well-being of people who enter their elder years... Keeping connected to the community helps them to affirm their independence and to know they do not face these challenges alone. Thank goodness for At Home on the Sound."

"At Home on the Sound has spent time learning the needs of older residents of our area...their concept is sound and the leadership is compassionate."

"At Home on the Sound is an idea whose time has come. I enthusiastically endorse this project."

"The enthusiasm and devotion of the volunteers -from Board to the drivers- has impressed me tremendously. At Home on the Sound has been most gracious in helping me; the drivers have been prompt, friendly and interesting conversationalists. The lectures I have been able to attend have been stimulating and informative. And of course, the Dine-Abouts have been delicious."

"At Home on the Sound has a great purpose and place in our lives and in our community."

"It is an honor and privilege to volunteer my time to At Home on the Sound and I look forward to many more wonderful events to spread the word - and raise money as well."

"Ironically, the key to remaining independent as a senior seems to be staying connected to others, both young and old.† The idea behind At Home on the Sound is to foster a strong, supportive, resourceful community that keeps seniors engaged and ensures that no individual has to face challenges alone."

"Each time I drive, it's a new person and I love learning who they are, what is important in their life, what they miss and what they treasure now.† And it's good to hear every time how much At Home on the Sound means to them."

"Driving the members of At Home on the Sound is not just driving.† It is experiencing joy from communicating with them.† It is learning from their wisdom, experience and life stories.† It is sharing some humanity.† It is giving a smile.† It is listening to those who may go through a rough patch.† It is being a friendly presence.† It is filling a need that otherwise may not be met.† It is making happy through giving.† It is receiving unsolicited gratitude, which in turn makes happy.† In short, it is driving with 'soul'."

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