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Babette Katz, Woodcuts and Etchings

Babette was born in Virginia, grew up in Mt. Vernon, New York and studied at Wellesley College with a concentration on drawing and language. While there, she performed in college plays. She became intrigued with the idea of telling stories purely visually and started making artist�s books as art objects themselves. �I am a printmaker and a book artist. My artist's books are wordless visual narratives and are loosely in the tradition of the graphic novel. They are offset-printed from linoleum cuts by the Visual Studies Workshop Press. I saw in artists� books an art form as capacious as poetry and one that could accommodate meditations on a wide range of diverse subjects. The stories are metaphoric, aphoristic and spare. They deal with subjects as diverse as knitting, trains, war and peace, and the flag. Images taken from some of the books can stand alone as independent works of art.� Babette is beginning to take stock of all the work she has done over the years. �It�s been a long life filled with lots of imagery and, just for the record, I want to know where everything is. To that end, I have to admit, my website,, is a help�.

Image Babette Katz, Woodcuts and Etchings

Image 2 Babette Katz, Woodcuts and Etchings

Image 3 Babette Katz, Woodcuts and Etchings

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