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Bill Osterberg, Sculpture (Posthumous)

Bill Osterberg was a native of Bridgeport, Connecticut, where his father was a machinist and a self-taught draughtsman. In his late teens, he went to Ringling School of Arts in Florida before joining the US Marine Corps during the Korean War. In the late Fifties Bill made good use of the GI Bill, attending Columbia University for painting and sculpture.� There he met the woman who would become his wife for the next half century, Tove Dithmer. From the Sixties through the Eighties, Bill worked as an art director at various ad agencies on Madison Avenue.� As part of his job, he traveled Europe and California, running location shoots for major clients.� Throughout his career, he remained a practicing� artist, dedicated to figure drawing and, later in life, to sculpture in stone.� Bill died in 2016 at 86.

Image Bill Osterberg, Sculpture (Posthumous)

Image 2 Bill Osterberg, Sculpture (Posthumous)

Image 3 Bill Osterberg, Sculpture (Posthumous)

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