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Harmon McAllister, Photography

Although Harmon has always had a keen interest in photography, in his early years he spent a good deal of time painting in oils (�messing up his bedroom� according to his mother). Although he eventually became a good copyist, his artistic leanings gradually shifted more to photography. In high school, he was fortunate to make the acquaintance of an academic biochemist whose laboratory included a well-equipped darkroom. There, he became fascinated with the ability to create �magic in smelly solutions� and indeed photography does offer a great deal of satisfaction, quickly accomplished. Inspiration for his photography comes primarily from observing patterns in Nature but also in objects of human creation. His interpretative sensitivity coupled with his technological expertise results in interesting landscapes and detailed renderings of his subjects. Observing how over the last several decades financial stringencies have resulted in a dramatic decline in art education in primary and secondary schools, he sees a growing lack of children�s awareness of all the arts. What governing bodies have been unable to or chosen not to do, falls to the public to support enthusiastically, vocally and financially.
Image Harmon McAllister, Photography

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