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Marian Froehlich, Sculpture

�Whether abstract or figurative, my aim is to imply motion with rhythmic gesture�.

Marian is inspired by the human figure, which is re-enforced by her museum visits and her interest in art history. She began her involvement with art when she was fortunate enough to be, as a student, excused from algebra so she could attend an art class. Her high school principal wrote a letter of recommendation enabling her to attend the University of Pennsylvania. Marian has won a national and many local and state awards throughout her career and continues to thrive because of her deep appreciation of the mystery of creativity which drives the making of art. Today, sculpting proves strenuous, so Marian is focusing on writing memoirs.

Image Marian Froehlich, Sculpture

Image 2 Marian Froehlich, Sculpture

Image 3 Marian Froehlich, Sculpture

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