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Marion Gindes, Watercolor

Marion�s life as an artist began in retirement.� Born in Brooklyn, living in Pennsylvania and New York City, she has been a Larchmont resident for the last 25 years.� She was always interested in art, but never considered herself an artist.� She was a practicing Psychologist.� Taking classes through the Continuing Education Department in Larchmont, she was astounded at how much she enjoyed making art and how she has not only improved with time, but how much it now means to her. Whenever she travels, she visits museums and is inspired by the various cultural approaches to the same subjects.� Her new avocation�s challenge is to see how far she can go and how much she can grow. Having been a professional in a field that is mostly verbal, being involved as an artist stimulates a different part of her brain. Her view is that women artists are underrepresented in the art world and exhibiting one�s work supports recognition. In that light, this is Marion�s FIRST time exhibiting her work.

Image Marion Gindes, Watercolor

Image 2 Marion Gindes, Watercolor

Image 3 Marion Gindes, Watercolor

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