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    This list includes all donors who have made contributions, both cash and in-kind, in 2019.

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    101 Mobility of White Plains
    A. Mercurio Sons
    Diane Abrams
    Elizabeth Ackerman
    Acura of WestchesterJack and Judith Adler
    AgeWell New York
    Carol Akin
    Allstate Insurance Co
    Altshuler Family Fund
    Mark and Kathleen Ames
    Thomas and Susan Amlicke
    Richard Anderson
    Anderson's Larchmont
    Patricia Angley
    Angus Theriault & Sons, Inc.
    Reba Appelson
    Peter and Rosanne Aresty
    Selma Aronson
    Alan and Elaine Ascher
    Atria Briarcliff Manor
    Atria Senior Living
    Leonard Aubrey and Kathleen Savolt
    Auray Gourmet
    Ron and Kristen Axelrad

    David Bady
    Lucy Banker
    Ellen Banner
    Robert and Barbara Barber
    Kenneth and Harriet Barish
    Elena Barnabei
    Kenneth Bartels and Jane Condon
    Laurel Bauer
    Jen Baukol
    Mary Louise Baumbach
    Patricia Bave
    Stephen Bear
    Arnold and Teddi Becker
    Viola Beecher
    Robert Beers
    Henry Beinstein
    Sam and Susan Bell
    Sanford Bell
    Grace Bellotti
    Bender Foundation
    Peter and Sonita Bennitt
    Arnie Berger
    Michael Berger
    Elinor Berlin
    James and Sari Berliner
    David and Ellen Berman
    Ralph Bernardi
    Gerard Bernstein
    Mary Lee Berridge
    Richard and Carla Berry
    Ken and Kate Bialo
    Guillermo Bilbao and Jenny Geer
    Gail Binderman
    William Bintzer and Jill Lerner
    Thomas Bird
    Arnold and Caroline Birenbaum
    Ira and Doris Block
    Blondie's Treehouse
    Ellen Blumstein
    Bonnie Briar Country Club

    C&G Salon
    Michelle Caiola
    John and Lynn Callahan
    Debby Campbell
    Joseph and Catherine Carney
    Carpet Fair
    Fred and Harriet Cartoun
    Luciano Catanzariti
    M. Loreno Cavallo
    Century Bank
    Maria Cetra
    Changing Places
    David and Elaine Chapnick
    Chat 19
    Chatsworth Antiques and Consignment
    Ranjit Chatterji
    Richard and Carol Cherry
    Tom and Carolyn Chubet
    Peter Ciacci
    Frank and Kathleen Clemens
    Joanne Clementoni
    Suzanne Clephane
    Coco Nails
    Marshall Cohen and Ellen Brooks
    Richard and Emily Cohen
    Saul and Miriam Cohen
    Barbara Cohn
    Richard Cohn and Ellen Biblowitz
    Coldwell Banker -Rye/Larchmont
    Nicholas and MaryAnn Colombo
    Comprehensive Dental Group
    Maura Concannon
    Paul Connolly
    Anne Stellwagen Connor
    Thomas and Sandy Constabile
    Stephen and Lori Corrsin
    Cosmo & Alex Deli
    Coughlin Insurance Services
    Patty Coughlin
    Ryan Coughlin
    Francis and Mary Cox
    Mary Louise Cox
    Coxe & Graziano Funeral Home
    Peg Cozzi
    Laird and Csilla Criner
    Frederick Cronin
    Lynne Crowley
    Thomas and Miriam Curnin
    The Cut Above
    Norman Cutshall

    DaGiorgio Restaurant
    D'Agostino Clothing Store
    Julie Dalton
    Joann D'Amicio
    Judy Darsky
    Mary Davidson
    Leslie Davies
    Palmer and Mary Davis
    Stephen and Janet Day
    Mark Rubin and Deborah Sherman
    Alan Diner and Debra Platcha
    Nicholas and MaryAnn DeFeis
    Joseph and Doreen Delbianco
    Rudy and Janet Demasi
    Alice Dematte
    Anthony Demeo
    Sy and Hilda Demsky
    Bill and Celia Dentzer
    Donald and Christie Derrico
    Solange DeSantis
    Brian and Maura Devaney
    Mary Diffley
    Alan Dlugash
    Willoughy Dobson
    Dominic Donato
    Peter Dopsch and Alison Lowy
    Jerold and Karen Dorfman
    Elena Dragunevicius
    Alexander and Pamela Dubitsky
    Ellen Dungan
    Dan and Christine Durand
    Emmanuel and Elizabeth Durand

    Max and Naomi Eagelfeld
    Sandra Edlitz
    Jean-Francois Eid
    Theodore Eisler
    Jaine Elkind Eney
    Ellen Marie Day Spa
    Eliot Engel
    Episcopal Church Women of St. John's Church
    Alan Epstein and Yvonne Tropp
    Erbacher & Csenge Agency Inc
    Anthony Esposito
    Ethical Culture Society
    European Beauty
    Sarah Evans
    The Event Department
    Everything Physical Plus Fitness & Wellness Studio
    Simon Ezra and Cindy Tanenbaum

    Mary Louise Falcone
    Peter and Theresa Fanelli
    John and Martha Farris
    Heather Feinman
    Howard Feldman and Batya Gorin
    Ian and Carol Feldman
    William and Sandy Feldman
    Caryl Feldmann
    John Feldtmose and Nancy White
    Michael Feller
    Joanne Feltman
    Jeffrey and Sabrina Fiddelman
    Jane Field
    The Fine Men's Salon
    Roberta Fisher
    Flower Bar
    Barbara Flynn
    Foley Hardware & Home
    John Forsyth and Linnet Tse
    Maureen Foulke
    John J. Fox Funeral Home, Inc.
    Owen Frank and Margaret Burke
    Bruce Frankel
    Arthur and Elinor Fredston
    David and Ellen Freeman
    Catherine Freudenberg
    Maude Fribourg
    Joshua and Ellen Friedman
    Marian Froehlich
    Linda Futterman

    Carolyn Gallaher
    Susan Gallin
    Raymond and Susan Gannon
    Leslie Garwood
    David and Christine Geithner
    Robert and Marion Geller
    Geriatric Care Consultants, LLC
    Henry Mueller and Gerilyn Brewer
    Joseph Germano
    Thomas and Eileen Gerspach
    Clifford and Arlene Gibbs
    Catherine Gigantino
    Peter and Nedra Gillette
    Marion Gindes
    Gino of Mamaroneck
    Steve and Laurie Girsky
    John Gitlitz and Patricia Lee
    Gjoko Hair Salon & Day Spa
    Nancy Gladstone
    Glo Beauty Bar
    Bradley and Sunny Goldberg
    Paul and Mary Goldiner
    David and Elizabeth Goldman
    Peter Goldsmith
    Seth Goldstein
    Steve and Cindy Goldstein
    Nancy Goodman
    Robert Goodman and Jayne Lipman
    Lawrence and Eileen Gordon
    Michael and Lauren Gottfried
    Frank Grant and Surette Dym
    Carol Greenbaum
    Carol Greenwald
    Ann Gubernick

    Raymond Haas
    Richard Haber and Elizabeth Klufer
    David and Patricia Hachey
    Cathaleen Hahnenberger
    Jolita Haigis
    Robert Haines and Judy Tenney
    Barbara Halbridge
    Russell and Diane Hall
    Richard Hammer
    Hampshire Country Club
    Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa
    Nancy Hardart
    Dan and Nora Harris
    Chris and Olga Hartwell
    Hash O Nash
    Stephen Haug
    Ellen Hauptman
    Theodore and Norma Havranek
    Health Advocates for Older Adults
    Alice Hegt
    Joan Heilman
    Stephen and Ruth Hendel
    Michael Henry and Brigid Brennan
    Dominique Herrmann
    David and Karen Hershberg
    Lois Herzberg
    Robert* and Ann Hiden
    Brendon Higgins
    Carly Hillman
    Ruth Hinerfeld
    Robert and Ann Hitchings
    Honora Care Management & Consulting
    Susan Horwitz
    Houlihan Lawrence
    House of Flowers
    Eliot Howard
    Suzy Huang
    Hudson River School of Music

    Diane Iovenitti
    John and Emily Irving

    Joel and Lorian Jacks
    Michelle Jackson
    Michael Jacobson and Beth Turtz
    Marcia Jaeger
    James Lenox House/Carnegie East
    Leslie Jeffrey
    Robert and Lois Jeraci
    Nancy Johnson
    Margot Juslin

    Paul and Linda Kalos
    Barbara Kaplan
    Daniel and Renee Kaplan
    Frederick and Phyllis Kaskel
    Babette and Robert Katz
    David Katz and Cecilia Absher
    Jeffrey and Wendy Kaufman
    Dan and Rosemary Kelly
    Eugene and Sheila Kelly
    Arthur and Fran Kennish
    Carl Ketchum* and Lorraine Stratis
    Rania Khouri
    Roger and Christine King
    King Street Rehab
    John and HelenKippax
    Marsha Kirchoff
    Norman and Harriet Kline
    Inessa Kling
    David Knapp
    Elinor Koeppel
    Gerald and Marlene Kolbert
    Kommer Bave & Ollman LLP
    Joshua and Juliet Konvisser
    Henry and Ellen Korn
    Michael and Marcia Korotkin
    Steven and Beth Korotkin
    Carol Krinsky
    Claire Kubasik

    Lloyd and Jennette Landa
    Frances Langham
    Larchmont Art
    Larchmont Nails
    Larchmont Pharmacy
    Larchmont Tavern
    Alice LaSala
    Estelle Laska
    Alexis Lavion
    Howard and Ellen Lazarus
    Le Provencal Bistro
    Lester and Maureen LeBlanc
    Donna Leftwich
    Peter and Eileen Lehrer
    Shellie Leichter
    Walter Leinhardt
    Lemon Tree
    Mary Lenard
    Leah Lenney
    Paul and Nancy Lennon
    Shirley and Richard Lesser
    Anthony Leuzzi
    David and Amy Levere
    Myra Levine-Harris
    George and Betsy Levinson
    James Levinson, Inc
    Carole Levitt
    Sheila Liebowitz
    Lincoln First Market
    Lance and Marjorie Lindblom
    Rebecca Lippel
    Dierdre Littauer
    Leila Lituchy
    Janis Livingston
    Thomas and Peggy Locastro
    Erica Loutsch
    Love Bella
    Daniel and Naomi Lowenthal
    Neil and Claire Lupton
    Michael and Judy Luskin
    Chrissy Lyon
    Glenn and Jane Lyon
    Linda Lyon

    Oliver Maggard and Christina Battalia
    Majestic Kitchens and Bath
    Mamaroneck Diner & Pizza
    Mamaroneck Flowers
    Mamaroneck Nail
    Mamaroneck Public Library
    Mamaroneck Self Storage, LLC
    Mancino Tailors and Clothiers
    Robert* and Ann Mangone
    Mangone's Garden Center
    Manor Park Deli
    Charles Marboe and Bonnie Hewson
    Kaaren Marcato
    Kathleen Marcon
    Martin and Gail Marcus
    Steven and Jenifer Margolis
    Marnie Foster-Marks
    Theodore and Benita Marks
    Simon and Rita Marlow
    Anthony Marrella
    Nick and Rita Marsh
    Florence Martin
    Richard and Jillian Martin
    Eileen Marx
    Eileen Mason
    The Charles A. Mastronardi Foundation
    Marilyn Maynard
    Harmon and Beverly McAllister
    John and Anne McAndrews
    Denis McConway
    John and Diane McKiernan
    Howard McMichael
    Mark and Nan McNally
    John McPeak
    Jeff and Marcia Meighan
    Paula Meighan
    Elaine Merians
    Ann Breen Metcalfe
    Metro Hair Studio
    Richard and Nicole Metzner
    Bob and Friedhilde Milburn
    Christina Milburn
    David and Susan Miller
    Dan and Leslie Molinoff
    Joel and Jennifer Molinoff
    Morgan Molinoff
    Lorraine Monchak
    Montefiore New Rochelle Hospital
    Vincent Montesano
    Charles and Ann Morelli
    Edwin and Cecilia Mruk
    Alice Mulderrig

    Beverly Nalven
    Nan's Gift & Party Shoppe
    Thomas and LisaNelson
    Ronald and Janet Neschis
    New Jewish Home/Sarah Neuman
    New Rochelle Cares AIP, Inc
    New Rochelle Diner/The Nautilus
    New York Presbyterian Hospital Westchester Division
    Bruce and Jan Northrup
    Kathryn Northrup

    Oasis Senior Advisors
    Tim and PennyOberg
    Marjorie Oberlander
    Ryan and Janet O'Connell
    Richard and Sarah O'Keefe
    Jack and ValerieO'Keeffe
    Martin and Suzi Oppenheimer
    Orange Bank & Trust Company
    Jane Orans
    Rosario Ortega
    Osborn Home Care
    Lynn Oster
    Steven Otis
    Richard and June Ottinger

    Kenneth and Jane Padgett
    Alan and Gail Paley
    Palmer Jewelers
    Katherine Pannell
    Lenore Pano
    Terence and Jaclyn Paré
    Lester and Gloria Parower
    Jacqueline Pawloff
    Robert and Paula Peck
    Arlene Penn
    Jerry and Kathleen Pennucci
    Michel and Louise Perez
    Lee Perlman and Linda Riefberg
    John Perone
    Felix and Carol Petrillo
    Stephen and Stephanie Piccone
    Frank and Nancy Pierson
    Steven and Christina Pincus
    Pink on Palmer
    Pizza Gourmet
    Michael and Rita Plansky
    Robert Polstein
    Porsche of Larchmont
    Thomas and Rosalie Porter
    Sandra Porwick
    John and Ellen Porzio
    Andrew and Andrea Potash
    David Pravda
    Lynne Prior
    Pristine Nails
    Prosthodontic & Implant Associates
    Michael and Valerie Puglisi
    Daniel Py
    S. H. Pyrek

    Ralph's Famous Italian Ice & Ice Cream
    Randi Robinowitz, Realtor
    Greg and Christine Randolph
    Jagadish and Margaret Rao
    Ray Catena Lexus
    Raymond Opticians
    Recovery Physical Therapy
    Michael and Lynn Reichgott
    Frederick and Janine Reif
    Jerome Reinert
    Doris Ricci
    Kay Francis Richards
    Florence Rinaldi
    Donald Risher and Maureen Morris
    Janet Rising
    Ann Ritz
    Roaster Café
    Karen Robb
    Michael Roffman
    Martin Ronan
    Joan Rosen
    Richard Rosen
    Eric and Helen Rosenberg
    Robert Rosenberger
    James and Cookie Rosenblum
    David and Victoria Rosenstreich
    Elizabeth and Samuel Rosenthal
    Hanan and Amira Rotem
    Arnold Roth
    Richard and Edith Roth
    Florence Rothstein
    Renate Wilms Rovin
    Judy Rubin
    Mark and Eve Russ
    Kevin Ryan and Holly Saltzman
    Paul and Toni Ryan

    Bartlene Sages
    Julie Sakellariadis
    Sal's Pizzeria
    Abraham Sanders
    George and Roberta Sanders
    Sandpiper Fund
    Ha lSandstrom
    Scarsdale Medical Group
    SCDA Ltd.
    Matthew and Carol Scharff
    Sol and Bernice Schargel
    Brad Scheler and Amy Frolick
    Alfred* and Jackie Schlosser
    Arnold Schmeidler
    Richard and Ann Marie Schneeman
    Phyllis Schoenberger
    Philip Schriver
    David Schwartz
    Donald Schwartz
    Mary Schwartz
    Peter Schwartz and Sheila Chervin
    Helen Schwartzman
    Elliot Sclar and Nancy Aries
    Thomas and Cynthia Sculco
    Search and Care
    Sedona Taphouse
    Heather Segal
    Janet Segal
    Rabbi Jeffrey Segelman
    Nancy Seligson
    James Serphos
    Virginia Severino
    Jeffrey and Lesley Seymour
    Frankie Shahar
    Joseph and Francoise Shein
    Jim Sheken
    Mark and Beverly Sherrid
    William and Catharine Shirley
    Ted and Margaret Shultz
    Lilian Sicular
    Jeffrey and Sharon Silver
    Paul and Diane Silverman
    Rose Silvestro
    Esther Singer
    Siren Boutique
    Ingemar and Lena Sjunnemark
    John Slater
    Cary Sleeper
    Emmy Lou Sleeper
    Smart Family Foundation of NY
    Jan Karel and Anne-Mieke Smeets
    Ted* and Doris Smith
    Smokehouse Tailgate Grill
    Evelyn Solomon
    The Souk at Maisonette
    Sound Shore Podiatry
    Jane and Ron Sovern
    Lisa Spielvogel
    Saints John and Paul Parish
    St. John's Episcopal Church
    Barbara St. Lifer
    Robert Sharenow and Stacey Creem
    Robert and Barbara Staffaroni
    Kevin and Allison Stahl
    Roger and Randy Stavis
    George and Betsy Steers
    Ed and Addie Stein
    H. David Stein
    STEPS Home Care
    Sterling Care
    Jeffery and Christina Stillman
    Michelle Steichen
    Studio 50
    Violet Sundin
    Sunshine Coffee Roasters
    Robert and Marianne Sussman
    Renate Craine Sutterlin

    Taconic Builders, Inc.
    Tadej Znidarcic Photogrqaphy/TZVisuals
    Gregg and Margaret Takata
    Tim and NancyTaussig
    Theresa Taylor
    Judy and Warren Tenny Foundation
    James and Ann Marie Terrone
    E. J and Mrs. Monica Teuscher
    James Thompson
    Janet Thompson
    Sally Thomson
    William Thomson
    Thomas and Madeleine Tiktin
    Diane Tohn
    Philip and Barbara Torina
    Priscilla Tortorella
    Andrew Towle
    Mark Townsell
    The Toy Box
    Trader Joe's
    Barbara Traub
    Alexander and Catherine Traykovski
    Anthony Trimarchi
    Arnold and Dorothy Turtz

    Sydney and Susan Unger
    United Hebrew of New Rochelle/Willow Towers

    Pierre and Nadia Valla
    Veronique Van Pottelbergh
    Harry Vanderslice
    Deborah Verlen
    John and Karina Verni
    Leonard and Linda Verrastro
    Villa Maria Pizza
    Vincent Garage, Inc.
    Hillary Volper

    Jeffrey Wacksman and Margo Hotston
    David and Suzanne Wahrhaftig
    Edith Wald
    Richard Wald
    David Walsh
    James and Priscilla Warner
    Marcia Warner
    The Wartburg-An Adult Care Community
    Arthur Washington
    Judith Weber
    Weichert Realtors
    Henry and Rosalind Weinstein
    Doug Weinstock
    Peter Weiss
    Harold and Lois Weitzner
    Gloria Welcome
    Barbara Werber
    The Westchester Bank
    Westchester Family Care
    Harold Weston
    Thomas and Mary Wey
    Philip and Philippa Wharton
    Thomas White
    White Plains Hospital
    Roger and Judith Widmann
    Budd Wiesenberg and AliceTenney
    Carol Willner
    Esther Wilson
    Wireless Concepts
    Michael Witsch
    Richard and Elizabeth Witten
    Marie Wolf
    Elizabeth and Samuel Wolff
    Russell and Patricia Wolff
    Catherine Wynkoop

    Fred and Joanne Yestadt
    Elise Young

    Mary Zampino
    Gary and Michelle Zaretsky

    Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of donor names. If a name has been misspelled, omitted, or listed improperly, please accept our sincere apologies and contact us at 914-899-3150 so that we can correct our records .

    * Deceased

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